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woman and dog

Our Mission

Everyone involved in Animals in Distress is passionate about improving the lives of pets who have lost their home. We exist to take them in, to care for them and to find them the perfect new home.

We are driven by our love of pets and the impact they have on our lives.

Our Mission Statement

  • To care for and nurture any unwanted domestic pet that is brought to the Charity, provided it is suitable for rehoming and there is accommodation available at the rescue centre
  • To provide shelter, food, exercise and veterinary care for the animals in the Charity’s charge
  • Never to put an animal to sleep unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon
  • To find suitable homes for animals on the basis of a reasonable home check or such similar precaution as deemed necessary
  • Never to rehome an animal without prior examination by the Charity’s contracted veterinary surgeon
  • At all times to show respect, understanding and courtesy to the Charity’s user groups, together with an inherent sense of duty and helpfulness

Do you share our passion and want to help deliver our Mission? Please see all the different ways you can get involved to give pets the lives they deserve.