Apply to rehome me


Domestic Shorthair / Black
1 years, 5 months
My reference is [CA23128-Cat]

About me

Meow!!! I’m handsome confident amazing Eddie! I am an absolutely incredible affectionate boy who absolutely loves attention but also loves to do my own thing whenever I want. I am the boss and I will most likely rule my new home, but you’ll probably be happy for that to happen because I am so funny and lovely with heaps of personality! Because of my strong confident nature, I’d be best as the only pet, and children would need to be at least 10 years old and respect my need for space if I ever need it. I’d like to live away from busy roads, preferably where there’s a lot of space to explore, and hopefully there aren’t too many cats nearby. If you could offer a fabulous loving tail-sucking boy like me a forever home then please apply for me today!