Apply to rehome me


Domestic Shorthair / Black
1 years, 3 months
My reference is [CA23008-Cat]

About me

Meow! I am wonderful loving fabulous little Marjorie! I am an incredible angel and everyone who meets me falls in love with me, hopefully you will too! I’ve been through a lot recently, and even though it’s been pretty scary, I still have a happy loving attitude all the time! There’s no history on me so it’s unknown whether I’m good with cats or dogs so it may be best that I’m not rehomed with them. Occasionally I will give you a little love nibble but these aren’t meant in a mean way, it’s just when I’m happy or when you’re giving me affection, but because of this it’s best I don’t live with children that are too young. I am used to exploring outside so would like to live away from any busy roads. If you can offer me a loving relaxing cosy fun forever home then please apply for me today!