Apply to rehome me


Domestic Shorthair / Black
2 years, 6 months
My reference is [CA23077-Cat]

About me

Meow! We are Kenny and Roger and we are lush! We’re so funny, cheeky and affectionate considering what we’ve been through! I’m quite shy every now and then, unlike my best buddy Kenny, he’s quite confident but we’re both still very lovely and all we want is your attention and love! There’s very little history on us so it’s best we’re the only pets in our new home, and children are aged 14+ years. It’s also unknown how far we explore so to be on the safe side, we’d like to live away from any busy roads. If you could give us a fresh start where you’ll never leave us behind and offer us all the love in the world (because we deserve it), then please apply for us today!