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Slinky (Toy Story Kits)

Domestic Shorthair / Tabby
0 years, 5 months
My reference is [CA23055-Cat]

About me

Meow! We are the Toy Story Kits! We are blossoming beautifully here at the rescue centre, we have a lot more trust towards human and even offer lots of affection! We’d never had human contact before but with a lot of time, patience, treats and toys, we’re learning to be loving playful happy kittens. We’d be happy to live with other cats or dogs as long as they are calm and friendly and we are introduced slowly and safely, and we’d like children to be at least 14 or above and to respect our need for space. We have no road sense whatsoever, so we’d like to live somewhere away from any busy roads where we can explore safely. If you can offer us a loving forever home and a new start at a happy life, then please apply for us today!
The fee to adopt us is £300 each, or £550 if we go as a pair.