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Good news for rabbits

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) has launched the very first Good Practice Code for Rabbit Welfare in England.

Did you know? Dogs, cats and horses have Statutory Codes of Practice, which protect their welfare needs but our smaller pets, including rabbits do not.

Rabbits are very popular pets in the UK and in the 15th year of Rabbit Awareness Week, we are still spreading the word about the best care for our buns. Therefore, we are delighted that this Good Practice Code has been launched in collaboration with animal welfare organisations.

The code outlines the welfare needs of rabbits and how to give them the very best care. APGAW have also created the Rabbit Roundabout (see below) which outlines the code’s principles.

You can take a look at the APGAW website to find out more, including the full code of practice, and to download your own Rabbit Roundabout.

Rabbit care - the rabbit roundabout

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