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We wanted to give you an update on Bella, the 4 year old French Bulldog who arrived at our rescue centre with a severe case of BOAS  – a condition often suffered by flat-faced dog breeds. Bella had to struggle really hard to breathe and the condition would have eventually killed her if we had not intervened.

Bella also has a number of other serious chronic medical issues and needs extensive treatment which altogether will cost £3280. We asked you, our wonderful supporters, if you could help Bella by donating towards her medical costs, and we were absolutely overwhelmed by your kindness and support.

Thanks to you, over the last two weeks we have raised £1120 for Bella, and as a result, on Monday this week Bella had her life-saving BOAS operation at Seymour Vets. The operation widened Bella’s nostrils and reduced the size of her soft palate, clearing her airways so more air can get through when she breathes.

French Bulldog BOAS surgeryWe are happy to say that the surgery went really well and Bella is making a great recovery. She had her first post-op check and the vet is really pleased with her progress. Bella will be staying in our Special Care Unit for the next 3 weeks while she recovers enough to have her next surgery, for her luxating patella and elbow lump removal.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done for Bella!  The surgery that she had this week will completely change her life – after the swelling goes down Bella will be able to breathe properly for the first time in her life! We can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for all your support.

We will keep you updated on all of Bella’s progress.

If you would still like to donate to Bella’s appeal you can do so by clicking the button below. Thank you so much.

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