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Meow!! I’m gorgeous beautiful lovely chonky Coco! I am an angel! I absolutely love attention and to be with, around or on you at all times! I am a little bit shy when I first meet you but as soon as you give me a head stroke, I melt like butter and I WILL expect more love and attention! I am an absolute foody! The humans haven’t seen that side of me here in the cattery yet but I’m apparently relentless, leave food on the sides at your own risk! I’ve never met dogs before so I’d prefer not to live with them but I have lived with other cats before so I’d be happy to do so again as long as they’re calm and friendly and we’re safely introduced! I have lived with younger children before but because I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to loud noises and change, I’d prefer to live with much older children or an adult only home. When I potter around outside I don’t usually wonder far, but I’d still like to explore the great outdoors once I’m settled in, so I’d like to live away from any busy roads. If you think you can offer me a calm quiet loving cuddly forever home where I can relax and put my cute little paws up then please apply for me today!