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Hello! My name is Lulu and I have always lived on my own – however, I would really love to live with a neutered male bunny, who would help me get up to plenty of fun adventures! I”m quite picky so he would have to be my perfect match! I could potentially also live as a house rabbit with nice people who would give me lots of attention.
In my new home I”d love to have some access to an enclosed garden run where I could act like a normal rabbit, but where I would be safe from harm. I can be timid with new people at first and can hide, especially if there are any loud noises around. But when I have quiet, calm, kind people around me who I have got to know, I am their best friend and I love to interact with them by jumping on their laps for cuddles.
Are you the type of person who would take great delight in helping me gain in confidence and watching my personality grow and blossom with time? I promise that I would try to give you back all your love tenfold in return!
Although I love my human friends at the Rescue Centre, I have been here a long time now and have watched other rabbits come and go off to their new homes – I just wish I could be next. Could you offer me the lovely home I”m dreaming of? I can”t wait to hear from you.