Cats looking for farm or stable homes

Meow, we are Maya, Milly, Faye, Bagel and Chesney. We are all different, but we would all be ideally suited for new homes on a farm, stables or small holding. We would like to be able to come and go as we please and have as much or as little interaction with people as we like, on our own terms. We all prefer the great outdoors to the company of people, and as long as a kind person could provide us with some shelter and regular food and water, we would be in our element!

Bagel and Chesney are looking for a new home together, and though we are both very timid, we could possibly live in an understanding home with people who are happy to let us come around in our own time, ideally with unlimited access to the outside. We are used to living with lots of other cats and would be happy to do so again but would need a home without dogs or children. If you are able to offer us a safe home where we can get gentle attention, or a farm or stables to call our own, please enquire today.

If you could offer a home to any of us special cats, please get in touch.