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easter message

If you’re buying a rabbit this Easter, make it a chocolate one

The UK is experiencing the worst rabbit rescue crisis ever, with a huge amount of rabbits currently being abandoned, mistreated or surrendered to rescues. With the Rabbit Welfare Association calling for an amnesty on the breeding and sale of rabbits until the current crisis subsides, there has never been a more important time to share this message.

We would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet to do a lot of research about the species first, and to remember:

-rabbits live for 18-12 years

-rabbits cannot be kept alone so you need at least 2

-each rabbit can cost up to £11,000 in their lifetime

-rabbits need a large living space of a minimum 3m x 2m x 1m high with access to a safe grassy area where they can run and jump

-rabbits need the correct diet to prevent serious illness and dental problems

-rabbits often do not like being held and cuddled, and with strong back legs and sharp teeth and claws can cause injury to children

Please spread the message far and wide: if you’re thinking of getting a rabbit this Easter, please make it a chocolate one

Download our handy guide to rabbit care at the link below.

For more information see:

Download our rabbit care guide