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black and white cat on shoulder

DSH black and white, 2.5 years old. Ref: CA22864-Cat

My name is Lisa and I’m the cattery manager at Animals in Distress. I wanted to tell you all about Maximus, as in the 10 months he has been at the Rescue Centre he and I have forged a very strong bond.
When Maximus first arrived he was a very scared and reactive boy, he didn’t know how to interact with people other than being reactive. It took several months of me popping in and out of his pen for short periods throughout the day to spend time with him and build a bond and for him to trust me.
We now have an incredible bond and he allows me to health check him and pick up and cuddle him. We spend every lunchtime together and have become firm buddies.
Maximus is a very intelligent cat and deep down is a great character. He still has he moments but they are genuinely few and far between and he is a cat after all.
Maximus is now looking for that new home where he can build a bond and trust with his new owner/owners but where he also has the choice be able to come and go as he pleases. He likes to pop in and out and loves to have a real chat with you when he comes in from outside! Maximus is a fantastic boy who is very clever, needs lots of stimulation and interaction.
I love him and his quirky little character, I would love him to find that special home of his own .
If you feel you may be interested in this fantastic boy and would like any further information on him please do not hesitate to call me for a chat.