Woof, I am Flutter! I’m a beautiful girl who has given up the racetrack and is now looking for a loving new family and a comfortable sofa to call my own.

I have been at the rescue centre for a whole year, and sadly I’ve been constantly overlooked – this may be because of my initial nervousness with new people, but once I get to know and trust you I am your friend for life!

Like most Greyhounds once I’m your friend I love nothing more than to lean in and have a cuddle! I’m easy to walk and won’t need hours hours of exercise to wear me out – after a good run around, I will curl up and sleep peacefully for hours!

Us Greyhounds who have just left the race track will often need a little help adjusting to life in a home, and this may include becoming accustomed to household noises such as the TV and washing machine, and having help to learn how to climb stairs. But with just a little encouragement we can fall easily into household routines, and are exceptionally clean dogs.

Ideally I would like to find an adult only home, just because of my nervousness around new people. I am also quite nervous around other dogs, and for this reason I would be best as the only pet in my new home.

I have lived all the 5 years of my life in kennels. Will someone give me a chance to experience the love of a family and comforts of a home?

To apply to rehome me click here. 


Photos by Lucy D Photography