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Prevent flystrike!

Please remember to check your bunny bums every day to prevent flystrike, especially during this hot weather!

We recently had a case of flystrike come in to our rescue centre – luckily it was caught in the nick of time before the maggots had started to eat into the rabbit’s flesh.

Flystrike occurs when a fly lays its eggs into impacted faeces in the rabbit’s (or other animal’s) fur. Once hatched, the maggots soon start to eat into the rabbit. This is potentially fatal.

An incorrect diet such as muesli can also cause flystrike as the stool will be softer and will more easily stick to the fur.

It’s important to remember that flystrike happens quickly and can happen to even the most conscientious owner – that’s why it’s important to check your rabbits and other pets every day to make sure they are clean.

Remember also to keep your small pets who are living outside cool during this very hot weather.