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This year is the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week! We’re taking part by bringing you as much information as we can about how to care for your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs need friends!

guinea pig bonding

Guinea pigs are highly social animals and need the company of their own kind to thrive, so we prefer our guinea pigs to be rehomed in pairs. Our single guinea pigs are available to be paired with another already in the home and we offer a free bonding service to help you.
Earlier this month Mr Bing (who has a lovely home of his own, but who was lonely and needed a friend) came into the rescue centre to meet and bond with our guinea pig Dinky.
Dinky and Mr Bing were in the bonding pen for almost a week on separate sides where they could only meet through the gate (see photo above). They got on so well during that time that they were then slowly introduced together in the same part of the pen. For the last two days they have been together like this, sharing everything with each other. They are very happy together and we’re so pleased!
Dinky and Mr Bing will soon be going home together, hopefully to live happily ever after!

Please ask us if you want to know more about our guinea pig bonding service.
[Please note that at the moment due to lockdown, we have very few guinea pigs so if you are looking for a new friend for your piggie at home, please keep your eye on our website in the coming weeks.]

More information to follow throughout the week!

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