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Guinea pigs found in bin

guinea pigs rescued from binMeet Jingle and Noel, two very sweet and friendly little guinea pig who are the newest arrivals to our rescue centre.

We are really sad and quite horrified to tell you that they had been sealed in a cardboard box and thrown into a rubbish bin in Littlehempton last week – on the morning of bin collection day.

Thankfully Jingle and Noel were discovered in the nick of time, just before the bin men arrived.

boxLittlehempston resident Mrs S (who wishes to remain anonymous) was surprised to find that someone had thrown the guinea pigs into her bin last Monday morning. She told us:

“I had put my bins and recycling out the night before, but I went out in the morning with some last few bits of rubbish just before the refuse collectors arrived. I noticed a taped up cardboard box inside the black landfill bin that wasn’t mine, and I wondered if a delivery driver had placed the parcel there instead of knocking on my door.

“I picked up the box to see but as soon as I lifted it I realised the box was moving. Much to my surprise, when I opened it I found two rather sweet guinea pigs looking back at me! I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing.

“I called Animals in Distress and they were able to take in the guinea pigs straight away. I still can’t believe it happened. A few minutes later and they would have been crushed to death in the refuse cart, as no-one would have known they were there.”

abandoned guinea pigThe two guinea pigs, who rescue centre staff have named Jingle and Noel, settled quickly into their new temporary home at our rescue centre and we are happy to report that they are both doing very well.

When they arrived they were very emaciated, under their fur they are all skin and bone. They were starving and ran straight to their food bowl to eat, rather than hiding away as most guinea pigs do when they first arrive. They were covered in mites, but after a much-needed bath and groom they are looking lovely and fluffy and they are already putting on weight.


abandoned guinea pigThe guinea pigs will stay at the rescue centre until they have fully recovered and then they have a lovely new home lined up already from our waiting list. They are very friendly and sweet little guinea pigs and it’s such a shame that this would happen to them.

They are so lucky that Mrs S went out to her bin that morning, as they were minutes away from a really horrible death.

How anyone could do this is beyond all of us – it’s so unnecessary as there are many rescue centres who will take animals in.

We offer a free and completely non-judgmental service to anyone who can no longer take care of their pets.

If anyone cannot cope with their pets for whatever reason, please just give us a call on 01803 812121 or email us on and we will do all we can to help.