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Jack and Tanner update

springer spaniel


springer spaniel


Jack and Tanner’s story contains upsetting images and content

Recently we helped a national charity by taking on two 12 year old spaniels , Jack and Tanner, who had been removed from their home as an emergency after their owner had fallen on hard times. However it wasn’t till they arrived at our Rescue Centre that we realised just how bad a condition they were in.

At just 16.2Kg Jack was just skin and bone – as you can see from the photo. He had infection in both eyes, teeth in very bad condition and his lower jaw was either deformed or had been broken in the past. His hair was matted and his skin covered in ulcers. He had sore swollen pads and overgrown nails, was alive with fleas and suffering from anaemia as a result. His friend Tanner was having some problems breathing. Both dogs were taken to our vet for immediate treatment.

dog neglect
emaciated dog

Several weeks later, we have mixed news to tell you.

We are so sorry to let you know that Tanner didn’t make it. She was suffering from constant respiratory problems which did not respond to any treatment, making it difficult for her to breathe. Then, upon examination, unfortunately our vet found a gaping hole in the roof of Tanner’s mouth which was oozing pus. The tissue damage showed that Tanner had had a tumour between her hard palate and nasal cavity which had ruptured. There was literally nothing more that could be done for poor Tanner and our vet decided that the correct and kindest decision was to put Tanner to sleep. We were all so sad about this, but it was the kindest thing to do.

We’re pleased to say that we have better news about Jack. After lots of TLC, Jack is still recovering nicely in his foster home. His skin is healing, he is gaining weight, getting stronger and enjoying life more each day. He was desperately in need of a dental treatment where quite a lot of his teeth had to be removed. He is now recovering from this.

However, while examining his ears our vet found a mass close to his eardrum. A biopsy has been taken and we are awaiting results to know what we are dealing with. In the best case scenario Jack will still be able to go on to live out the rest of his life happily in a new home, and that is what we are all hoping for. We have everything crossed for this lovely boy and we will keep you updated on all his progress.

On a more positive note, Jack has started to really enjoy life in his foster home. Here is a little video of Jack having fun out with his new doggy friends.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to our Christmas appeal. It’s only thanks to your continued wonderful support that we are able to help dogs like Jack. Thank you so much, from everyone at Animals in Distress and all the animals in our care.