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Jack and Tanner’s story

springer spaniel


springer spaniel


Jack and Tanner’s story contains upsetting images

Recently we helped a national charity by taking on two 12 year old spaniels , Jack and Tanner, who had been removed from their home as an emergency after their owner had fallen on hard times. However it wasn’t till they arrived at our Rescue Centre that we realised just how bad a condition they were in.

At just 16.2Kg Jack was just skin and bone – as you can see from the photo. He had infection in both eyes, teeth in very bad condition and his lower jaw was either deformed or had been broken in the past. His hair was matted and his skin covered in ulcers. He had sore swollen pads and overgrown nails, was alive with fleas and suffering from anaemia as a result.

His friend Tanner was having some problems breathing. Both dogs were taken to our vet for immediate treatment and have been receiving veterinary care ever since.

dog neglect
emaciated dog
emaciated dog
dog neglect

Two weeks later, we’re pleased to report that after lots of TLC both dogs are doing much better. Jack has been fostered by one of our kennel team and is recovering nicely in his foster home. His skin is healing, he is gaining weight and getting stronger. Tanner is recovering in our special care unit at the Rescue Centre.

Jack’s foster mum Lizzie said “Though it was really upsetting to see the state of the dogs when they first came in, it’s great to see them start to improve. Jack is starting to look happier, getting more energy and gaining weight. He even had cuddles on the sofa for the first time yesterday! It’s wonderful to see his real personality begin to come out.”

dog and teddy
dogs cuddling

It’s only thanks to the continued support of our wonderful local community and beyond, that we are able to help dogs like Jack and Tanner. If you would like to contribute towards their care and to help other animals in desperate need of our help, please consider donating to our Christmas Appeal. Any small amount that you can spare really will go a long way to helping many animals in need this winter.

Thank you so much for your amazing support, as always. We will keep you updated on all of Jack and Tanner’s progress.