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Kittens found in road


Meet the Teigngrace Kittens!

On New Year’s Day one lady who was out taking a stroll with her dog at Teigngrace had a surprise when she saw 3 kittens running free in the middle of the road, holding up the traffic. They were on the main road and the lady was really concerned about them getting run over.

As the traffic had come to a standstill, along with several of the drivers who had got out of their cars to help, she managed to catch the kittens and brought them to our rescue centre later that same day.

The kittens were really thin, dirty and full of fleas. As they are very timid and unused to people or handling, we think that they were most likely born outside, or have lived outside all their lives and had to fend for themselves without their mum.

All the kittens have been treated for fleas and worms but are otherwise healthy, and are eating well (several small meals a day as they are very undernourished) and gaining weight at the rescue centre. They are inquisitive but very skittish.

The kittens are approximately 14-16 weeks old but will not be available for rehoming until approximately mid-February as we will keep them until they have fully recovered and are a more normal weight.

We will keep you updated on their progress.

If you are interested in rehoming kittens, please keep your eye on our website and apply online when they become available. We respectfully ask that you please do not ring the rescue centre about the kittens, as we are receiving a high volume of calls, have a very reduced number of staff working and we have to keep our lines open for emergencies. Thank you.

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