Nemi and Lofi

Nemi and Lofi arrived at the rescue centre as feral kittens a year ago. Nemi and Lofi went to their new home as kittens but really struggled to settle in – and sadly were returned to us in July. When they came back they were even more scared than the previous time – no one could go near them as they would hiss, spit and swipe at anyone attempting it. Sometimes they were so scared they would wet themselves.

Our wonderful Animal Welfare Assistant Shayna has been working with the kittens to try and gain their trust. She has tried many different techniques but this week has found something that has made a massive difference.

When Shayna went in to the pen to stroke Nemi she wore protective gloves, so that she didn’t react by showing fear when Nemi swiped. After repeating this for 3 days, Nemi began to purr loudly when being stroked! Nemi then let Shayna make a fuss of her without the gloves on.

Now every time Shayna goes to the pen she is greeted by Nemi with a big meow, and Nemi jumps straight up on her ledge to be made a big fuss of – which she now loves, as you can see in the video!


Nemi and Lofi are looking for a special home together with a patient new owner who would be able to carry on with this socialisation and training to build up their trust. They would be best in a home without other animals or children as they can be a little overwhelming. Although they have never been outside, they would love a garden to explore once they are feeling brave enough. If you could offer these two lovely cats the special home they need where they can flourish please enquire.

To apply to rehome Nemi and Lofi, please click here and fill out an application form.


Nemi and Lofi’s mum Brix (photos below) was also a feral cat who was found with her kittens near to our charity shop in Brixham. Brix was at the rescue centre for a long time due to her feral nature, but recently went to a lovely new home and in just 3 weeks has transformed into a relaxed and happy cat – who loves cuddles and fuss!

Brix is a great example of how the right home can help a cat to learn to trust and feel safe with people, and very quickly transform into the loving, friendly and happy cat that they were meant to be!