Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Here’s why seniors make the best pets

An older pet can make a wonderful addition to your family – they make amazing companions and truly understand the meaning of getting a second chance at life! As November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, here are just some of the reasons why seniors make the best pets.

Older pets are usually already house-trained, so there’s no need to go through all the stressful stages that you would with a kitten or puppy. Puppy teeth are long gone too, so you won’t have to worry about a teething pup chewing up your furniture or shoes. Older cats are well aware of what scratching posts and toys are for; they will usually turn to these things instead of your furniture.

What you see is what you get with an older pet, as a sweet older dog or cat has already grown into their personality. Senior pets are not generally as demanding as their younger counterparts, and they love to relax just as much as you do! They make great couch companions, and won’t be getting into mischief due to excess energy or boredom. Senior pets tend to be wiser, more focussed and more inclined to please their owners.

Older pets are usually the ones who stay longest in rescue as they are constantly overlooked in favour of their younger counterparts – so when you adopt a senior, you truly are saving a life.

Senior pets understand what it means to be rescued and they know that they’ve been given a second chance. They are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be in a loving new home of their own and they will show you every day how much it means to them!

If you are thinking of making a new addition to your family, please consider some of the older pets at the rescue centre who are waiting and hoping for a loving new home and another chance at a happy life.

Sam is an 8 year old male Labrador. He is a gentle boy, who adores human company, and the company of other animals. Sam is currently in a family foster home with 2 children and 2 adults, and he is a big softy with everyone in the household. Sam is looking for a new home with someone who will give him all the love and comforts he deserves. Sam could live with children aged 5+ year, and he could also live with another dog and/or cat. If you would like to meet Sam, please enquire today.
Doughnut is a lovely, independent 6 year old girl. She loves exploring the great outdoors especially during the summer months, and she loves having people to interact with. Doughnut is a friendly and affectionate girl, but always on her own terms!

Doughnut would love to have a quiet new home with no other pets or children, where she can come and go as she pleases. If you could offer Doughnut the purr-fect forever home that she so deserves, please enquire.

Fudge is a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She is a very sweet affectionate girl who loves human company. Fudge would benefit from going to an experienced terrier home, as she has strong terrier instincts. Fudge would love to have her new home with people who are around a lot of the time as she loves company. She could live with children aged 7+ years, and would prefer to be the only pet in the household. If you think you could offer Fudge the loving forever home she so deserves, please get in touch.

Old Man was living in someone’s garden shed for 8 months. Our vets have estimated that Old Man is 20 years old! He is the most gorgeous boy who only wants to be cuddled and have a fuss. We don’t know how long Old Man was living outside, but we think that he was waiting a very long time to have human company and cuddles again. He is definitely the most cuddly cat we have ever met.

For his age Old Man is amazing as he has a completely clean bill of health, apart from needing a dental. He is on a kidney-friendly diet just because of his age, although he currently has no problem with his kidneys.

Old Man doesn’t need a lot in his new home – he would be very happy in a home as the only pet (with or without a garden), but would be fine with children aged 7+ because of his amazingly sweet nature.

All that Old Man really needs and wants is to have someone around often to give him the love, attention and fuss that he really craves!

If you think you could offer this sweet boy the very special, loving home he so needs and deserves for the remainder of his days, please do get in touch.

Edith is a very sweet older girl, who came to the rescue centre as an unclaimed stray and is now looking for her forever home.

Edith is a cross-breed, and our vet has estimated that she is 11-12 years old.

Edith is very friendly, and she loves people. Edith likes to sleep a lot, but she does like to go for her walks, and is quite sprightly when she is out.

If you could offer this very sweet older girl the loving retirement home that she so deserves, please get in touch.

Mitsy is a lovely friendly 10 year old girl. She has amazing paws as she has extra toes, so it looks as though she is giving a constant thumbs up! Mitsy is looking for a quiet life in a home free from children, although she will be fine with visiting children over the age of 14. Mitsy loves being in the garden and is used to letting herself out of the cat flap to go and explore the garden. Mitsy is looking for a loving new home with her sister Mittens. If you could offer a lovely quiet home to these two sweet older girls, please enquire today.

Mittens is looking for a new home with her sister Misty. They are both very loving girls and love to be around people. Mittens especially loves to be wherever you are and will follow you around looking for a lap or a cuddle. The girls have never lived with other animals except each other so would prefer to be the only pets in their new home. Mitsy and Mittens haven’t lived with children, but they are really scared of the children that lived next door and would run and hide if they went outside, so would like to live in an adult only home. The girls would love a house with a cat flap as we like to have the freedom to come and go as we please. If you like the look of Mitsy and Mittens, please enquire today.