One morning in early April we found these two lovely bunnies next to the Rescue Centre gate, where someone had left them in boxes during the night or early morning. Because of the way they arrived, we know very little about them or their history, but they are both quite young, and we think that they may be brothers.

rabbitThey seem relatively at ease with people but can be a little skittish. Unfortunately because their previous owners abandoned them, we don’t know anything about the boys, their medical history or any behaviour issues.

But like with all pets who arrive at the Rescue Centre, our task is to make them comfortable and reduce any stress they may be feeling. We then had the brothers vet checked, booked them in to be neutered and they’ll soon be up for rehoming.

Since they have been with us, they have had a tendency to fight with one another so they’ll need to be rehomed separately, to homes that already have a rabbit in need of a companion.

If you need to rehome your pet for any reason, we are here to help you.

rabbitWe really urge that you come in and speak to us when you bring your pet, so we can have all the information about their life, needs and medical history that will help us to better rehome them. Also they may be in danger from foxes, if left outside by the gate.

We hope that this story will have a happy ending for these two pretty bunnies, and we will keep you posted on their progress.