We wanted to give you an update on Bubbles, as so many of you very generously gave towards her eye operation.

We are pleased to say that Bubbles has now had her partial thyroidectomy – thankfully only one lobe had to be removed – and she is now recovering nicely. Once she is completely stable she will go in to have her eye removed.

During the surgery, the vet found a lump on the other side of her throat (the left side) and so X-rayed to find out what it was. The lump turned out to be an airgun pellet. The pellet has obviously been there for a very long time, is on the same side as her bad eye, and would seem to indicate that her eye was originally damaged by being shot at by those children. 

We are speechless that people can be so cruel, but thankfully Bubbles is now receiving the best care, and hopefully will have a long and happy future in a lovely new home as soon as she is recovered. We will keep you updated on all of her progress.

Update 17th March 2017

Several weeks on from her partial thyroidectomy, Bubbles was finally stable enough to have the operation to remove her eye. Bubbles had her surgery yesterday and we are happy to tell you that the operation went well.
At the same time, the vet also removed the shotgun pellet from her neck, and confirmed that the entry point for the pellet had been through her eye. Bubbles’ terrible ordeal at the hands of whoever shot her in the eye and cut off her tail has not stopped her from being the most loving cat, and she has a wonderful life ahead of her now.
Bubbles is in a foster home with a lovely family at the moment, and after she has recovered from her surgery in two weeks time, the family, who love her dearly, are going to adopt her permanently. 
Bubbles can now look forward to a very happy and peaceful future with her lovely new family.
Thank you so much to everyone that generously donated to make this possible for Bubbles.