Champ will stay as our mascot

We have a very special announcement to make, about Champ, our miracle kitten.

Since his very sad early beginnings, of being dumped at Taunton Deane Services with his siblings, Champ has gone from strength to strength. He has grown into a very special little cat, and has become quite a mascot for the Animals in Distress.

Our Cattery Manager Lisa has nursed Champ day and night since he was born. Lisa says “I have been raising orphan kittens at the Rescue Centre for 20 years, and Champ is the first to survive being taken from his mother so soon after birth. Usually they don’t make it as they have no immunity, so it really is something of a miracle that Champ is here today.”

Champ is now 10 weeks old. Lisa and Champ have such a strong bond, that Lisa cannot bear to part with him, and has decided to adopt him permanently.

All of the staff at the Rescue Centre are over the moon that we will still get to see Champ, and he will continue to be our mascot! What started as a sad story has a very happy ending.