Day-old kittens abandoned at service station

At the end of August, a litter of day-old kittens were found dumped in a box containing nothing but tissue paper at Taunton Deane Service Station. A kind soul found and brought them into the Rescue Centre. They were newly born, umbilical cords still attached.

Ever since then, Lisa, Kara and the rest of the truly amazing cattery staff at Animals in Distress have been looking after the kittens around the clock, feeding and cleaning them every two hours through the day and night.

When newly born kittens (or any mammals) first feed from their mother, they get colostrum from the mother’s milk which contains antibodies to protect them from disease. When they are taken away from their mother as these have been, they do not have that immunity that nature intended, and are not able to fight off infections, so they often do not survive. For this and many other obvious reasons, please never take new born animals away from their mother.

Very sadly, despite the very best efforts of Lisa, Kara and all of the cattery staff who have been nursing the kittens day and night, we lost three of the kittens after two weeks. Unfortunately the little ones caught an infection, and couldn’t fight it as they had no immunity.

We have one little brave fighter left. He is literally battling for his life at the moment and we are all rooting for this little guy, who seems to be the strongest of the four. His eyes are now open and he has a lovely loud purr. He loves his face washes and cuddles. He was very poorly yesterday, but he has taken plenty of milk today, and he is on vet meds which are helping him.

He is in the best possible hands, and we are all hoping and praying that he will pull through.

Thank you so much, to everyone that has sent in cotton wool for the kittens – it will all be put to good use.
We are really so grateful for all your support.