Larry – an amazing story of success

Friday 24th January is National Change a Pet’s Life Day – and what better day to celebrate Larry, who went to his amazing home one year ago this weekend. 
When Larry was in rescue he would bark and lunge at every single thing, all day long – he hadn’t been socialised and had no experience of life so he just couldn’t cope. Karen and Ian came along and gave Larry what very few would have given him – a chance, at a happy life. They have worked SO hard with Larry and dog trainer extraordinaire Carl Donald ( over the last year, and the video below of Larry walking through Plymouth city centre and taking everything in his stride, shows just how far they have come in that year.
Having been given such an amazing loving home, Larry has transformed into a dog that you can pretty much take anywhere! Many people would have never thought this possible.
Thank you, Karen and Ian and everyone who adopts a rescue pet and gives them a second chance at a happy life! Taking in a rescue pet can change our lives too, in wonderful ways that we never would have thought of. If you’re thinking of making an addition to your family, please consider changing a homeless pet’s life by adopting, rather than shopping for your pet.