Nala Update

Thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously towards Nala’s operation. We reached the target amountNala in brace

in under 3 days, which is a testament to your incredible generosity. Once again, we are completely overwhelmed by

your kindness and love for the animals in our care.

Thanks to you, Nala has now had her surgery, and the operation went really well. Nala stayed at the vet’s over the weekend so that he could make sure she was recovering well and was able to use her leg properly. It was a complex break and there was concern that the radial nerve may have been damaged by the fracture – it may be up to 4 weeks before this can be properly ascertained but the signs so far are looking good for Nala.

We are all hoping and praying that Nala will make a full recovery, and as she is so young she has age on her side. She has been through a lot for such a little kitten but she is receiving the best possible care.

Update 23rd February 2017

Nala is recovering really well, and she went back to the orthopedic specialist again today to have the 3 external pins removed from her leg.
She is making great progress and can use her leg fine, so all the signs are looking good for a full recovery.

Update 13th March 2017

Nala has had her final X-ray, and has been given the all-clear by the vet! Her leg has healed beautifully, and X-rays show that her leg has healed beautifully, and you cannot even tell that it was ever broken.
Click on the video link to watch Nala run and play for the first time since her operation! She is one happy cat!
Thank you again to everyone who gave so generously to make this possible.
Thanks to you, Nala has a very lovely life ahead of her now, and we could not be happier for her.