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online pet show

🐶ONLINE PET SHOW! 🐱🐭🐹🐰🐸🐦🕷🐌🐢🐍🦎 Now open for entries!


To mark #NationalPetDay and to honour all our wonderful pets and the joy they bring to our lives, we are holding an online pet show.

All species are welcome to enter!


1 – Most Beautiful Boy⁠

2 – Most Gorgeous Girl⁠

3 – Best Baby / Youngster⁠

4 – Best Golden Oldie⁠

5 – Quirkiest Pet

6 – Pet Most Like Their Owner⁠

7 – Pet the Judge Would like to Take Home⁠

8 – Best Rescue⁠

⁠Virtual rosettes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes in each class,

We’re really excited to tell you that we have an amazing prize for the overall winner – a bespoke digital pet portrait by talented local artist Jodie Lystor!⁠

⁠Suggested donation for entries is be £2 per entry and you can enter as many animals/ classes as you like!⁠ All donations will go straight to helping the animals in our care.

To enter:

-Got to our Facebook Page and post your photo/s of your pet/s in the comments on the pinned post. Tell us your pet’s name and which class you are entering.

To  make your donation (suggested: £2 per entry) click the donate button below.

Competition closes at 11pm on Wednesday 13th April.

Winners will be announced on Thursday 14th April on our Facebook page.

⁠Get posting your lovely pets’ photos, and good luck! 🐰🐢🐶🐱🐭

Go to our Facebook page to take part
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