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pet remedy
We are really excited to announce that we are now partnered with the wonderful company Pet Remedy, who make a range of product to help alleviate stress and fear in our companion animals.
Animals can suffer from a great deal of stress when they find themselves in rescue, and the Pet Remedy products we use at our centre can really help them to feel calmer and more settled while they wait for their new forever homes.
Our partnership with Pet Remedy also means that we can now bring the benefits of these great products to everyone who rehomes an animal from us.
pet remedy
When you take an animal home for the first time you will take with you a Pet Remedy Starter Kit. If you choose to buy any future Pet Remedy products from us then a part of the profits from every sale will be donated back into the rescue centre, to help even more animals on their journey to a new home and new life. It’s definitely a win-win!
You can find out more about Pet Remedy and the products available here.
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