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Cat rehoming FAQs

white kitten

Q. How do I apply to rehome a cat?

A. Please see our full rehoming process and procedure here.

Q. How do I apply for kittens? Can I go onto a waiting list to rehome a kitten?

A. We no longer have a waiting list for kittens. This means that we no longer take application forms with the intent of calling people back when kittens become available. We have found that people wait too long when it is done this way, and when we finally contact them, they have rehomed kittens from elsewhere. We frequently have a long list of people waiting but not many kittens available at one time.

Application for kittens is now done via the cat rehoming page on our website.

All available kittens will be displayed there. Click on the picture of the kitten that you are interested in, click the green “Apply to rehome me” button, and fill in all the info on the form. We will then sort through the applications for each kitten, and home to the most suitable applicant.

You can ring us on 01803 812121, message us via our Facebook page, or email to get an idea of when kittens might become available, so that you will know when to watch the website. Please be aware that there will be a great demand for kittens, and we will always have more applicants than kittens. Being more flexible will greatly increase the likelihood of being able to find the perfect cat for you.

Q. How much does it cost to adopt a cat or kitten from Animals in Distress?

A. Our cat and kitten adoption fees can all be found here.

Q. I have children. Can I still adopt a cat?

A. Every cat reacts differently to children so it’s vital that we assess each match on an individual basis. This is to ensure the best, and safest, possible relationship between the cat and the children.

Where possible, we will say if a cat can potentially be rehomed with children, however this may depend on the child’s age and whether they have lived with cats before as well as the individual cat’s character.

Once you’ve enquired about a specific cat, we can talk through all of their needs and how children fit into this.

Q. How do I apply to rehome a cat?

For all of the information about our cat rehoming process, including how to apply, click here.