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Our guinea pig rehoming process

You’re just a few steps away from giving a rescue guinea pig a second chance at a happy life! All you need to know about our rehoming process and the steps you need to take can be found here.

Please note that all rehoming of guinea pigs is by appointment. Please apply via our website and our rehoming team will get back to you if your application is successful.

guinea pig

How to apply for a guinea pig

The first step is to have a look at our rehoming criteria to make sure that you have the right set-up ready to bring your new pet home.

Guinea pigs are highly social animals so we only rehome them in pairs, unless you are looking for a single guinea pig to join your existing piggie at home. The next step to finding your new guinea pig/s is to have a look at the guinea pigs currently looking for new homes on our website. If you think any are right for you, simply click on the green ‘Apply to rehome me’ button on the guinea pig’s page and complete our rehoming questionnaire.

Once you have filled out your form online, we will get back to you if you have met all our rehoming criteria and if the guinea pig in question is a suitable match for your circumstances. We will then invite you in to come and meet your chosen piggie.

The  next stage is for us either to arrange a home check, or ask you to send us photographs of your home set-up and seek a vet recommendation.

The guinea pig/s will receive a final vet check before adoption and we will then arrange a collection date at a mutually beneficial time for you to come up and adopt your chosen pet/pets.

Please be aware that we often have a huge number of applications for each guinea pig, and if you don’t hear back from us following your application, it isn’t because you don’t have a lovely home for a guinea pig. It’s simply because of the sheer number of applications we get, and because our team is so busy taking care of the animals we don’t have the time to reply to everyone.

Don’t see the guinea pig you’re looking for?

If you are looking for a specific type of guinea pig (for example a particular gender to be a companion for your guinea pig at home) and don’t see a suitable guinea pig on our website, you can always register by filling out a general application form. To do this, simply go to any guinea pig’s page on our website, click the green “Apply to rehome me” button and fill out the form, but state on your form that it’s a general application and say what you are looking for. Then should a suitable guinea pig become available, our team will contact you. We keep general applications on file for 3 months, after which time you would need to re-apply if you have not heard from us.

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Visiting the Rescue Centre

The rabbit and guinea pig department at our rescue centre is open to the public from 10.30 am – 4 pm, 7 days a week.

Visiting the rescue centre

Due to COVID restrictions, our rescue centre is closed to the public. Please apply for guinea pigs via our website, and our rehoming team will get back to you if your application if successful.

Bonding guinea pigs

If you have a neutered guinea pig at home and want a companion for them, we offer a bonding service here at the rescue centre, where you can leave your guinea pig with us whilst we bond them. Read more here. Alternatively you can arrange to take one of our guinea pigs for a short term trial in the home, as long as you have the right facilities, space and experience to manage the bonding process yourself. Read more here. 

guinea pig bonding

Adoption fees

Our adoption fees for guinea pigs are as follows:

A single guinea pig: £35  / £50 if a neutered male

A pair of guinea pigs: £60 

Three guinea pigs: £75

Four guinea pigs: £90

When you rehome from Animals in Distress, you will take home a guinea pig who has been fully assessed by our expert animal welfare staff as well as our veterinary surgeon.

Every guinea pig at the rescue centre is:
  • Treated for mites
  • Examined by a vet and given any necessary treatments

Each guinea pig goes to its new home with a free Pet Remedy Starter Pack.