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Why adopt a guinea pig from Animals in Distress?

By adopting, rather than buying a guinea pig, you are giving a guinea pig a second chance at a happy life. Every guinea pig currently at the rescue centre is here through no fault of their own and they are all looking for that special home where they will have the care and attention they deserve.
guinea pig

Adopt, don’t shop

If you are looking to bring a new guinea pig into your family, there are many reasons why your local rescue centre is your best first port of call. When adopting a guinea pig from Animals in Distress you can be assured that:

  • Every pet that comes through our doors is checked by our vet and receives any veterinary treatment needed before being given the all-clear for rehoming
  • Before rehoming all guinea pigs are treated for mites
  • We offer a bonding service to pair your single guinea pig with one of our single guinea pigs. Alternatively we allow you to take one of our animals for a trial in the home, if you wish to do the bonding yourself
  • Every guinea pig will go home with 4 weeks’ free insurance from Petplan
  • The small animals in our care all have their individual personalities and the staff will try to match you with the best possible new addition for your own home and set-up
  • We are always available to contact by phone for aftercare advice if required, during the rescue centre opening times
  • If for any reason in the future you find you need to rehome your guinea pig, we will endeavour to help you by taking your pet back in for rehoming
  • All this is assured for a modest rehoming fee, a fraction of what you would pay for all the routine veterinary procedures yourself.

The staff team at Animals in Distress have devoted their whole lives to caring for homeless pets and ensuring that they end up in the best possible new homes. Our mission is to find wonderful, forever homes for all our small animals.

For your own peace of mind and for the welfare of your pets, if you are looking for a new addition to your family, please use your local pet rescue centre.