The perfect match

All of the pets at Animals in Distress have the potential to make an amazing addition to the right household and we work hard to make that perfect match between pet and new owner.

We are here to find just the right cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig for you and we want to make sure that your new pet fits your lifestyle.

For this reason, we don’t operate a “first come, first served” process for rehoming. Instead, we will talk to you on an individual basis and will work to identify what you’re looking for in a pet. We will use this information to find the perfect pet for you and your lifestyle.

Please have a look at the pets who are currently at the Rescue Centre looking for a new home. If you think any are right for you, simply click on the ‘How you can meet me’ button and complete our rehoming questionnaire / contact form.

We’ll then get in touch and will work together with you to find your perfect, new pet.

dog“Izzy has settled in fantastically and loves her new home. We are very grateful for the staff for perfectly matching us up with her; she is the perfect mix of crazy, fun and intelligence.”