Why Greyhounds make the best pets

Owning a Greyhound can be easy and fun, and they make the most wonderful companions. Here are some more of the reasons why Greyhounds can make the best pets.

Greyhounds fit well into the home

Greyhounds that have just left the race track will often need a little help adjusting to life in a home, and this may include becoming accustomed to household noises such as the TV and washing machine, and having help to learn how to climb stairs. But with just a little encouragement they fall easily into household routines, and are exceptionally clean dogs, so if they are not already house-trained this should be easy and quick to achieve.

Greyhounds make their owners look good!

A Greyhound can make a brilliant dog for a first-time dog owner. On the whole Greyhounds are very easy dogs to keep, as they are one of the most laid back breeds of dog around.

Greyhounds are easy to walk

Greyhounds are easy to walk and make wonderful walking companions, tending to stay close to your heel. Also they don’t need hours hours of exercise to wear them out – after a good run around, your hound will curl up and sleep peacefully for hours.

Greyhounds are quiet dogs

For the most part greyhounds tend to be very quiet dogs, so they won’t keep you awake with barking or annoy your neighbours!

Greyhounds are cuddly

Greyhounds have the most amazing deep and soulful eyes and are usually very sociable with people, liking nothing more than to lean in and have a cuddle.

Due to their racing past, ex-racers may not be suitable to live with cats or small furries, and care should be taken in this regard.

We currently have Flutter, a lovely Greyhound, at the rescue centre, hoping to find her loving, forever home. If you would like to find out more, please contact the rescue centre.