The agouti beauties

Last summer a whole litter of beautiful agouti Siver Fox X baby rabbits arrived at the rescue centre. Unwanted by their previous owner, the beautiful babies are Silver Fox X Wild. We named the babies Ruby, Hazel, Sherry, Emerald, Sapphire and Fiver.

Many rabbits have come and gone since then, but sadly all of our beautiful agoutis are still here, always overlooked by potential rehomers, due mainly to their colour.

At the rescue centre we love agoutis, and we think they are one of the most beautiful colours around. We love the black, cream and gold banding on their fur, the soft orange fur behind their ears and the fluffy white fur on their bellies and tails.

The bunnies are all easy to handle, although they are still quite nervous of it, and will require new owners who can spend a bit of time with them and help them to overcome their nervousness.

If you could offer a lovely home to a pair of these beautiful bunnies, or to a single bunny as a friend for your existing rabbit, please enquire today.