A happy new life for Rex

Rex at Oldway Mansion

Rex originally came to us as he was an unclaimed stray,and was at the Rescue Centre for over 3 months before finding his forever home. However, Rex has really landed on his feet and now leads a fantastic life with his new owner Jonathan.


“Rex and I get along so well and he has really become quite the character. He comes everywhere with me like my shadow, and he loves to ride on the passenger seat of my car. I sometimes take him driving off road and he really loves the different country air and smells, and going on different walks. He likes walking between coves across the rocks, and is very agile like a cat and careful on his feet. When I am in my garage working on my car he will sit down next to me, or he likes to sleep in the back of his jeep.

Rex looking out to sea

“Rex is very good off the lead and has started playing a little with other dogs. He used to get a few other dogs snapping at him, and other Shar Pei owners have suggested that sometimes some dogs have difficulty in reading the Shar Pei.  But he is so much more relaxed now, that this has stopped happening.


“I feed him raw now, as I found his skin is hyper sensitive to grains.

“He is good with accepting cuddles from strangers or fuss from children, and will sit and let children pat his head happily.

“Rex is doing great, he is such a happy and relaxed doggie. He is such a wonderful dog for me, and he is no trouble at all.”

Rex really does have a lovely new life, and we couldn’t be happier for him.