Harvey becomes a hotelier

Lovable Harvey came to the Rescue Centre because sadly his previous owner was unable to look after him due to ill health. However, it wasn’t long before he captured the hearts of Ian and Craig and he was off to his new home – The Marstan Hotel in Torquay.

Here’s Ian telling the wonderful rehoming story:

HarvI visited the Animals in Distress centre in Ipplepen, in some ways on a whim. All the dogs were adorable, but I grew up with Labradors, so I am comfortable with that particular breed and their temperament, which is particularly important, as the dog would interact with members of the public.

I walked him every day for 10 days, as he had to stay in the kennels due to an ear infection. Craig came to see him and fell for him straight away.

When we finally took him home, he jumped in the back of the car immediately. I think that he knew he was going to a new permanent home.

He went straight into our private garden and did his business, and then he excitedly explored his new residence.

He quickly settled in and has got used to certain rules.

He is not allowed on our sofas or bed, he has his own beds in our lounge and bedroom. He sleeps with us. Whilst we are serving breakfast, he knows to stay in the utility room, where he can keep an eye on us (and the food), but not be in the way.


Harvey on the beach We are privileged to live near some wonderful coastal walks, Ilsham Green, Meadfoot Beach and so on. I take him out for a good run in the morning (at least an hour) and he gets another run in the evening. We also do at least one expedition a week – usually Dartmoor, which he loves, partly because there is lots of poo to roll in – thank goodness for fox poo removing shampoo!

We sought help from a professional trainer to assist with his recall and to brush up his training a little. His recall is now 90% of the way there; he usually comes back unless there is something very exciting like another dog or a rabbit, or a piece of grass. He can “stay” and always waits without prompting before crossing the road. So he is now let off the lead for most of our time on walks (not near roads though). He also no longer pulls on the lead.

He also loves swimming, though we have to be careful with his ears. I am not sure whether he swam with you, but he was initially apprehensive about going too far into the sea. He just used to try to dig up seaweed. Then a wave swept over him and he realised that he could swim – now he goes for a good paddle and loves being in the water.

He is very good with our guests, who love him and make a big fuss, he enjoys meeting them.

His allergies have largely cleared up, though we quickly realised we have to be very strict with his diet. We made the mistake of giving him sausages as training treats and his ear and eczema flared up. He is better now, and it is strictly the ZD diet.

He spends most of the daytime sleeping. He loves being in the conservatory and rests his head on my feet whilst I work on the computer. Our neighbours have some cats, which roam in our garden.

At first, he chased them, but we seemed to have reached a détente of sorts, and he seems to tolerate them now! We did this by getting the scent of the cats on some tea towels and putting them in his bed. I do not think that they will ever be friends though! One particular cat, called Dennis, is very bold and sits on the fence taunting him!

Ian Krender

Harvey certainly seems to be thriving in his new home, which is what we hope for all the pets at the Rescue Centre. If you are looking to give a forever home to a cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig please have a look at the pets who are currently at the Rescue Centre. You never know, your perfect pet might be here waiting for you.