Honey Bunny and Thor

We wanted to share this wonderful update from the Stevenson Family who recently gave Honey a new, forever home with their bunny Thor.

It sounds like it wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning, but thanks to the Stevenson’s dedication and love for Honey, there is certainly a very happy ending.

“In the beginning when Honey was overweight and lazy, she would sit in her poo and wee and not eat her caecothrophs. Despite trying to wash and dry her daily, we had a time when she was constantly wet and smelly. Eventually we had to go to the vets where they shaved her as best as they could and this led to a nightly ritual of coming to the Stevenson Bunny Parlor for a wash and blow dry! 
This gave Matt and me plenty of bonding time with Honey who loves affection, both giving and receiving.

Thor took to having Honey in his space very quickly and Honey was very happy to be with him right from the beginning. Honey and Thor are very much in love and don’t like it when the other one is taken somewhere. 

They are also really good for each other. Thor makes Honey more active which has helped her lose weight. She now runs and jumps and is quite capable of being evasive when she wants to be. And Honey helps Thor not to be so nervous of noise and intruder cats into the garden. 

But we do need to watch Honey’s calorie intake. If Thor isn’t quick or careful enough, Honey will eat her food along with his straight away. We regulate this by giving food to Thor first but this doesn’t stop the “Super Smeller” sniffing out his delights and taking them right out his mouth!

Honey is such a lovely addition to our family that we couldn’t imagine it without her and she has such great fur now.”

The Stevenson Family

At any given time we have over 50 rabbits, just like Honey, who are at the Rescue Centre waiting for a forever family to rescue them. If you have a rabbit at home who needs a companion, please come up and see us at the Rescue Centre. We would be very pleased to talk to you about your rabbit and what they might be looking for in a bunny pal.