Ralph the Bengal certainly landed on his feet when he met Chris, and he now leads a wonderful life. Chris tells his story:

“We lost our old Bengal, Jeff, in Early November 2014 to a liver tumour. We had taken him in as a stray that adopted us and he just kind of stayed!

Owning a Bengal is a bit like having a loud, nosey toddler. Jeff had taught us how much mischief they can get into, and when we lost him it was a big hole in our lives.

I had seen Ralph (or Romeo as he was then) had been at the Rescue Centre for a while, and knowing the difficulties involved in looking after Bengals, I thought I could give him a decent home.

He had never been outside, nor was much really known about him other than that he was 4 years old, and was previously a stud cat.

I went to the Rescue Centre and got talking with Wendy, who clearly had a soft spot for him. The deal was done – paperwork signed – and I arranged to pick him up the following week, after his check-up with the vet. I left him with my jumper for a couple of days, as a bit of scent swapping.

I actually brought him home on 13th November, which was his 5th birthday, and introduced him to our other two cats. To my amazement, they all pretty much got on straight away, and within two hours I’d got them all eating together!

The next challenge was to address the idea of him going outside. He’d never been out on his own, nor been left to his own devices in the open.

Ralph walking on the moorsI got talking with a great lady at Bengal Cat world who suggested lead training to get him used to it.

I got him the jacket and armed with a leash, wandered off into the garden. We quickly found that he loved it, and started purring madly whenever the jacket came out!

So, 3 years later Ralph remains my shadow and there’s hardly any moment when he isn’t sat on my lap, or demanding a game. Ralph is my true cat companion – and is far more than ‘just a cat’!”

Chris Martin