Tangle with KarenzaTangle, a very sweet-natured Border Collie, arrived at the Rescue Centre this summer as a stray, in a very sorry state. He was little more than skin and bone, and his hair was completely matted up. Tangle was incredibly nervous of all the Rescue Centre staff to begin with, but he would show all his teeth in a big Collie smile. He became a firm favourite of everyone, due to his sweet nature.

After lots of TLC, feeding and grooming, Tangle’s condition began to improve. However, he was scared of the nice soft bed we gave him, preferring to sleep on the hard concrete floor.

This was obviously what he had been used to, as he had a problem with fluid on his elbow joints which our vet said was due to having slept on a hard floor outside for all of his life previously.

One of our very kind supporters bought Tangle some elbow supports to help ease the pressure on his joints, and we made the floor as soft as possible by putting blankets and cushions down. Thankfully after a few weeks his elbow problem had cleared up.

Tangle at home Tangle’s confidence began to grow, and he started to blossom into the sweet dog that he truly is. A few potential rehomers were interested in Tangle, but all of them changed their mind for one reason or another.

Then along came Malcolm and Pauline who gave Tangle the loving home that he deserves. Tangle went home with them and their children and their other Border Collie, and he has settled into his new home wonderfully. Tangle truly has found his forever home, and we couldn’t be happier for him.