Teddy and Thursday

A miracle for Teddy and Thursday

“It was October 21st 2010 when I had to make that awful decision to let Teddy and Thursday go to another home. Due to challenging family circumstances, we had to move and we couldn’t have the cats where we were going. It was an emergency.

It broke my heart and my little girl Daisy’s heart (then age 3) to let them go but we prayed they would go to a farm and have a lovely life. I called up Animals in Distress and they said they would take them. A month later I called again and they had gone to a farm. My prayer was answered but I missed them. I could never let Daisy know how much I missed them. I had never been without cats and Teddy and Thursday were very special to me. We’d been through good and bad times together and they were always there.

5 years passed by and Daisy never forgot the cats. The Guinea Pigs I gave to her didn’t quite fill the hole although she loved them. About a month ago, one died after 4 years and she was sad saying “I love the pigs wigs but I wish we could have Teddy and Thursday back.”

At the beginning of December, I called up Animals in Distress to see if they had any guineas and they said “we have some pairs but no single females” so we decided to go and see if we could find the right ones.

When we got to Animals in Distress, we told the story of Teddy and Thursday to the lady who dealt with the Rabbits and Pig-wigs and asked if they had some guineas the same colour. They did, so we signed the paperwork and prepared for a house visit.

Just before leaving I said to Daisy: ‘Look, I know we can’t have cats (due to the Landlord) but the cattery is just there, let’s go and have a look…’ So we did. We looked in all the cubicles and by about number 16 I had turned around and looked at the sky thinking about my old cats…. Then Daisy shouted excitedly ‘Mummy look, look, these cats have the same name…TEDDY AND THURSDAY’

They had just come in because the farm had been sold and it was safer for them.

Well, I sent an email to my landlord telling him the story. He said ‘no problem’ and a week later we picked them up. It was a miracle. The lady who was coming to check the house for the Guineas checked it for the cats and before we knew it, they were home.


I can’t explain this miracle. It has to be God! Our broken family is being restored and already, we feel so much happier than before. It was like ‘something was missing’ and I didn’t know how much they meant until I saw them again…. having thought I never would.

Daisy prayed for 5 years for them to come back… and I made myself let them go. This Christmas, a little girl’s prayer has been answered and they are the sweetest Christmas present we could ever wish for. We are so happy… and we smile when Teddy and Thursday take up the whole bed, play chase on the stairs at 3am, run into the kitchen when there’s chicken in the pot… and lie up-side-down with their paws in the air for hours! Welcome home Pussies! We love you.

I am so grateful to Animals in Distress for being there, and for the people from the farm for looking after them so well and for having compassion on all of us.

Without them, who knows where we’d all be? Thank you to this brilliant organisation and to the kind staff. You are a blessing to us all.”

Helen, Daisy, Teddy and Thursday