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Rescue Centre update

Animals in Distress rescue centre

We love having visitors, however, over the last couple of years the animals in our care have been used to the relative calm of the Rescue Centre being closed to general public access. As a result, we have seen a marked decrease in the stress levels exhibited by the animals. Having a sudden influx of daily visitors would certainly cause welfare issues which we have to be very mindful of. It is not only the welfare issues to consider but we now have fewer staff available each day to attend to a steady stream of visitors. Like most charities, it has been a challenging period for Animals in Distress and in the current financial climate we are now forced to operate with smaller teams than in previous years. The Rescue Centre team’s priority of course remains caring for the animals.

After careful consideration about how we can best continue to serve our local community and the animals in our care, we have decided that the admissions and rehoming of the animals and access to the Rescue Centre will continue to be by appointment only for the time being. We thank you for your continued understanding and rest assured, we will keep this decision under review as we continue to navigate through these continued difficult times.

Animal admissions, rehoming and viewing – by appointment

Reception open 10am – 4pm daily

Open for deliveries 10am – 4pm daily