Robin and Impi

Meow meow, we are two best friends Robin and Impi. I am Robin (on the left) and I’m the more confident of the two.  I’m a sweet boy and very loving – and my sweet nature hasn’t been damaged by some really cruel treatment I had from humans in the past. One day I was kicked really hard in the chest and as a result some damage was done to my heart and chest.*  I now have a heart defect and need to take some medication every day, but I haven’t let that stop me from trusting humans and loving them.

It didn’t help that our previous owners then moved house and dumped us in the street. Thankfully the kind people from the rescue centre came to pick us up, even though it took a few days to catch us as we were so scared.

Impi is my best friend. The two of us are very close and I like to look after Impi when she gets a bit spooked. She is more nervous than me, and is understandably wary of new people, but is very sweet and loving and loves to be stroked. We are very close and are normally found cuddled up together or grooming one another.

We are looking for a special new home, with someone lovely who will look after us properly this time. I will need to have a scan every 6 months, as well as some daily medication to help my heart. We would love a home without young children or dogs, because they would scare Impi, but we could potentially live with other cats. We would love a garden to explore together too. If you have room for a loving pair of cats to share, and can give us the truly loving home that we deserve this time, please enquire today.

To apply to rehome us, please click here.


Photos by Paige Platt-Lee and Pawsnshoot Photography

*Our vets have said that the shape of the deformity in Robin’s chest is consistent with a hard kick, and is unlikely to have been caused by anything else.