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rescue guinea pig with bandaged foot
Meet Rolo. This sweet little guinea pig was dumped last week – abandoned in some woods in a cardboard box – someone thankfully found Rolo and brought him to our rescue centre.


guinea pig with infected footOn first inspection Rolo appeared to have the most awful infection in his foot – how anyone could let this happen and then dump an animal is beyond us, and it’s so very sad.

He was also quite poorly with a lot of blood in his urine, and Rolo has spent the last week with us – having ongoing veterinary care, lots of test to try and find out exactly what is wrong with him, and of course, plenty of TLC and fuss from our rescue centre team.

rescue guinea pigWhat makes us feel even more heartbroken is that Rolo is just the sweetest guinea pig – he is so friendly and loves to have a cuddle and a fuss – he seems almost grateful for everything we are doing.

Rolo is showing some signs of improvement this week, but he is by no means ‘out of the woods’ yet – he still may not make it, but we are doing all we can to help this sweet little man.

If only Rolo’s old owner could have brought him to us instead of dumping him, we could have treated him much sooner and he would have had a much better chance.

We will keep you updated on Rolo’s progress.



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