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Sensory dog garden

Can you help us to create a sensory garden for the dogs in our care?

dog in wheelbarrowWe want to create a sensory garden for the homeless dogs at the rescue centre and we are appealing for items to help us do this. We would like to create a space with plants which have known calming and health benefits for dogs – somewhere the dogs can relax while they are outside, and which gives them a feel for having a real garden again while they wait for their new, forever homes.

We are really excited about this project and are appealing for items to help us achieve it.

If anyone has any of the following items at home which they no longer need, we would be so grateful if you would consider donating them to the rescue centre:

  • Large planters
  • Plant pots of all sizes
  • Side-hanging planters
  • Compost

We are also looking for the following plants:

Catnip  (good for its relaxing properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs)
Lavender  (calming)
Marigold  (animals experiencing grief or emotional distress are often attracted to it)
Meadowsweet  (can help with digestive problems, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions)
Peppermint   (good for its cooling properties and often selected by animals with skin irritations. It can also be         offered as an aid for training)
Valerian (true Valerian – Valeriana officianalis)  (often sought after by anxious dogs for its calming effect)
Wheat grass  (often sought after by animals who are nervous, anxious, and exhibit hyper behaviours. It can also help digestion and is easy to grow)
Rosemary  (calming)
Lemon Balm  (calming and aids digestion)
Pansies  (provides year-round visual stimulation with blues and yellows)

Please drop us an email to  if you might be able to offer us any of the above items, and we can arrange a Covid-secure way to receive them.

Thank you so much for your amazing support, as always!

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