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Special home needed

cocker spanielMegan is a beautiful 13 year old Cocker spaniel who sadly came into rescue at her great age, through absolutely no fault of her own.

Megan had to have some dental work carried out by our vet, and our vet discovered Megan had a 6mm tumour on the roof of her mouth. This was removed two weeks ago and results back from the lab show that it was an aggressive type of melanoma. The tumour ran quite deep and it’s unlikely that the whole mass was removed as it is in an area in the roof of her mouth which is basically inoperable.

Due to Megan’s age, putting her through aggressive chemotherapy treatment would not be the right thing for her.  At the moment she is not showing any signs of illness and is not on any medication as nothing will make a difference at this time.  She  may need pain relief at some point in the future.

We are looking for a lovely end-of-life foster home for Megan, with people are at home for most of the day.  She still loves her exercise and still has the energy of a younger spaniel – she loves nothing more than her walks and playing fetch!  Megan cannot be off lead when out unless in a secure area as she is totally deaf.  She would be best as the only dog in the home so she gets all the attention and love she needs at this time. Foster carers would need to be able to bring Megan either to our Rescue Centre or to Quarry House vets for check-ups when needed.

We do not know how long Megan has got left – but be it a few weeks, months or a year, we want her to be happy and comfortable and live her best possible life, until the time comes for her to be helped to cross over the rainbow bridge.

If you could offer Megan the loving, end-of-life care home that she deserves, please fill out an application form by clicking here.