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charity fundraising

A-Z of fundraising ideas

Stuck for ideas on how to fundraise for us? Here’s a lot of different ideas to help you get started:


Afternoon tea – Why not take part in our cream tea event? Held every year in the week before National Cream Tea Day.

Aerobics – Already take or are part of an aerobics class? Why not donate the entry fee to us?

Auction – Got some nice things to sell? Either host in real life, or via a Facebook or Ebay Auction page.


Birthday – Facebook allows you to set up a “Birthday Fundraiser” for your favourite charity. Your friends and family can then donate directly to your cause when they send you that birthday message!

Bike – Set up a sponsored bike ride – there are some lovely routes to follow in South Devon.


Cake sale – Are you a secret Prue Leith or Paul Hollywood? Put your skills to the test and then sell your creations for funds.

Car boot sale – Why not have a sale to clear out things you no longer need and donate the proceeds to help our animals?

Coffee cup challenge – Save the planet and give our animals a second chance. Save a takeout coffee cup, wash it out and every time you have some change put it into the cup. Or why not go without coffee for the month and donate the saving to help the animals in our care?

Cheese and wine night – The grown-up version of a coffee morning! Host an evening in with friends, ask them to bring the wine and cheese. Raise funds by asking them to donate what they would have spent on a night out.


Dress down day – Organise a dress down day at work or school and get your colleagues to give you a small donation

Dry January – Get people to sponsor you for not drinking in January, or any month for that matter!


Easter egg/Treasure hunt – Use the fun seasonal events throughout the year to help raise funds. Often a great idea for a corporate team building day!

Ditch the Plastic Bag Challenge – Use your own “Bags for Life” or reusable bags when you shop and save up all the 20ps you would have spent on plastic bags. Then, donate them to the animals!


Fit Fridays – Why not form a group with your colleagues & every Friday decide on a different exercise to do? You don’t have to be Mr Motivator!

Five aside football – Like Footy? Charge an entry fee for teams and hold a mini tournament! You could even ask for donations from your spectators.


Garden Market – One for all you green-fingered enthusiasts out there. If you grow vegetables, why not sell them – or if plants are more your thing then why not sell some seedlings or cuttings instead?

Give up something you love – Like a New Year’s resolution, but you can do it at any time. Give up chocolate (eek!) or coffee (nooooooo!) and donate what you would have spent to us.

Grow your beard – Grow your beard or moustache and see how much sponsorship you can raise.


Have a Healthy Goal – Get sponsored to do the Couch to 5k Challenge. Or challenge yourself to do 10,000 steps a day. You can even get your dog involved!

Head shave – Be bold and go bald for the animals in our care!


It’s a knock out – If you can get hold of the equipment, why not turn the classic kids’ game into something brilliant & fun for adults (or for kids if you are brave enough). Ask for donated prizes from local businesses & perhaps charge a small fee for people to take part.

International evening – A bit like a dinner party, but internationally-themed. Why not tie it in with an event like the Olympics or the Eurovision song contest?

Ice cream bar – A more kid-orientated theme on the classic charity coffee morning.


Jeans at work day – Ask for donations to dress down at work. Also works equally well as a school “Mufti” day.

Jamboree – If jam-making is your thing, why not sell your creations? You could even have a tasting competition with your friends to add extra spice!


Karaoke – Fancy yourself as the next big thing on X-factor? Then why not start practising by hosting a karaoke night and charging for entries?

Knit – Are you a knitter? Why not create items to sell…it all goes to help the animals in our care.


Live on Facebook – With live streams on social media it’s now easier than ever to advertise your fundraising efforts to the world! It’s possible to raise a lot of funds by doing “Live” broadcasts.


Make night – We also know that there a hundreds of craft groups out there making absolutely everything and anything. Why not sell your creations and help our animals at the same time?


Naughty jar – Can be for swearing, or how about if you break a diet by having something naughty? A great way to help us and stay on track toward your fitness goal.

Name the teddy – Get your kids and their friends to come up with a great name for a cute cuddly toy. You could raffle the teddy at the end too to raise extra funds.


Office Olympics – Hold an energetic team day to get everyone in the games spirit and charge your colleagues for taking part.

Office collections – If everyone is busy sometimes the direct route is the best, ask for a collection can and pass it around the office asking for donations. Try just after payday for the best results!


Pamper party – Another great party idea – invite your friends around and have a relaxing evening. Donate any profits from the evening to us.


Quiz night – These have really gained popularity recently. Either host one virtually or in person, charge an entry fee, and if you can get some prizes that always helps.


Recycling challenge – Why not hold a competition to make some of your recyclables into a sculpture (say a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig)? Have a prize for the winner and charge an entry fee. Save the planet and help us at the same time – now that’s win win!

Rugby sweepstake (or any sport for that matter!) – Set up a sporting sweepstake. If rugby’s not your sport choose football, tennis or even golf! Maybe split the winnings between the victor and the animals in our care.


Sweets in a jar – Sometimes the simple things are the best. Guess the number of sweets or pet treats in a jar and charging per guess is a really simple way to raise funds.


Talent show – If karaoke is not enough for you, why not expand it to include other wonderful talents like magic and comedy?


Under – Challenge yourself to live for under a set amount (e.g. £20 for a week). Donate the remainder of what you would normally spend to help our animals.


VIP – Have a VIP party and dress up as your favourite celebrities. Get everyone to give a donation to take part – you could even have a prize for the best dressed!


Waterworks – Most dogs love water, especially during long hot summers.  Set up some slides, back garden games, paddling pools etc and invite friends over to have some fun. Everyone could chip in a donation for you hosting the day, or make some cakes and lemonade to sell.

Work party – Use your annual summer/Christmas parties as a great way to raise extra funds.


X-treme sports – We offer Wingwalking and Skydiving, although you are not just limited to these. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget to get as much sponsorship as possible!

X-box challenge – Computer games and streaming are now huge industries in their own right. If you are really good at a game why not stream it and get your viewers to donate to our animals at the same time?


YES Day (this definitely makes life more interesting) – Say yes to anything within a 24hr period and have people pay to do the challenges they put to you. The only catch is that you have to say YES! Get out of your comfort zone and if people donate for every challenge they give you, it’s a great way to fundraise.

Youth fundraising / Youth groups – If you or your child are part of an already established youth group, then why not challenge them to fundraise too. It is great to build life skills like team working as well as making them aware of how to be a good citizen. See our section on Schools and CIVIC awards too.


ZZZ – Even fundraise in your sleep! Catch some shuteye whilst raising funds for our animals. Sleepout in your back garden or why not go to a local campsite and get fellow campers involved too. Don’t forget to pack some games and the all-important BBQ!