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Into Games? Think you’re the cat’s whiskers at Call of Duty or the dog’s balls at FIFA? Why not show the world your skills and raise money for our animals at the same time? Play with friends in a tournament or co-operatively or why not go solo through your favourite RPG?

There are a several ways you can get involved:

Livestream gaming marathon

This is the most common form of raising money through playing games. Commit to play for a set amount of time either solo or with others. Stream your marathon over YouTube, Twitch or Mixer and ask for donations to keep you going.

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For inspiration on how to run your twitch stream take a look at the thousands of streamers already online.

How to set up a livestream gaming marathon

The most popular platforms on which to live stream your gaming are Twitch and Mixer (although you can also stream through YouTube Live). Set up a Twitch account here.

You’ll need to set up a JustGiving page too in order to collect all those lovely donations. To link your (or someone else’s) JustGiving page to your stream follow this link.

Finally, you’ll need a way to broadcast your stream. JustGiving have created a step by step guide to setting up OBS (Open Broadcasting System). Now you are ready to start gaming.


Are you an established YouTube Content Creator or regularly stream already?

Are you able to do a live stream like Colonel Failure did for us?

We have over 11,500 followers on our Facebook site alone, so we can certainly help by bringing an audience to you! If you are an established Streamer/Content Creator please get in contact with us at and mark for the attention of Iain.

Remember you don’t have to raise loads to make a difference, we can feed a dog for a whole month on £20! Set up interesting milestones along the way. For example, reach a £100 target and get your viewers to challenge you to do something crazy. Remember we are here to help so if you have any questions please get in touch.

Hold a gaming tournament

Get your friends, family and colleagues involved in a gaming competition. Crown a gaming champion and raise money at the same time. Charge people to enter and see who is the best at a certain game.

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How to set up a gaming tournament

A gaming tournament is completely up to you. Why not crown a new champion on FIFA or see who can get the most kills on Call of Duty?

Choose a game – you can choose any game but a sport (e.g. FIFA) or racing game (Forza) works the best.

Set up your gaming apparatus (console – remember to film/capture it to inspire others to join and catch the shenanigans!)

Get a group of friends or colleagues together – maybe charge a small donation to enter.

Set your tournament – a knockout tournament works best, where you are left with one winner or you could play a mix of games and crown whoever wins the most games.

Why not sell home-made refreshments at the tournament or ask for extra donations from the lowest scorers to keep everyone on their toes?

Whatever you decide to do you will be helping to give our animals an extra life!

Thank you!

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